ACT/SAT Tutoring

Our ACT/SAT program is individualized to each student’s strengths and weaknesses. All students start the process with a pre-test that allows us to assess those strengths and weaknesses. This is a full-length real ACT/SAT test that your student will take at home, timed like a real test. We’ll put together a report with our recommendations and call you to discuss them. We then use these results along with the information from our initial meeting to select a tutor that we think will work well with your student.

Tutoring itself is generally done once a week for two hours, and there is about an hour of homework each week, resulting in about a three hour commitment each week for the student. Sometimes we split a student between two tutors. In that case, the student will meet with a verbal tutor (who will cover English, reading and science) every week for 1 ½ hours and the math tutor every other week for 1 ½ hours.

Students tutor for about 15 weeks. Halfway through their program (about week 8), they will take their first real test. We want students to do their best, and this rarely happens on the first test. We want them to get a real test under their belt. Right before taking this real test, students take a mid-test, another practice test they take at home. They will review this test with their tutor(s) before the real test. This review helps them learn from their mistakes, allows the tutor to ensure they are using strategies effectively, and allows us to see how they pull everything together.

After that first real test, students continue tutoring for another 8 weeks, when the process repeats with a post-test and a second real test. We will work to schedule tutoring around the 6 ACT/SAT tests given each year. We also work to insert tutoring into the student’s existing schedule. We want to tutor when the student will be the most focused and the least busy. Many times we build programs around sports schedules. (Basketball players prep in the summer/fall. Baseball players prep in the fall/winter. Marching band students prep in the winter and spring.)

Some students chose to continue prepping for a 3rd test. We are happy to continue if necessary. Sometimes just a small increase on an ACT/SAT can change the types of school the student can apply to or opens up opportunities for scholarships. Conversely, some students reach their goal scores their first time. If this is the case and they want to be finished, that’s ok. You’re not locked into a certain number of sessions or hours.